Monday, July 15, 2013

12 MORE Amazing Free Games! -- DONG! (June 5 2011)

1. The "I" of "IT": 

"You play as the letter "I", you elongate or shrink to grab onto ledges."

2. Roman numeral calculator:
"Well, I think the name gives it all away."

3. NES and SNES music quizzes:
"You listen to classic songs from the games and you have to guess what games was it."

4. Zombies Took My Daughter:
"ZOMBIES! YEAH! emotional action game, as it says, you're looking for your daughter."

5. You Find Yourself in a Room:
"You have to type your next move, cool game, and kind of twisted."

6. 3D Tetris:
"It's like looking above the classic game and you use 6 different keys to rotate the pieces."

7. Company of Myself:
"You solve the puzzles by doing one thing, then restart and you'll be a 'different you' but your ghost will stay there and making the exact same thing you did before."

8. How to use make upside down text: 
"Well, you get the point."

9. Youtube slap video:
"Slap this kid!"

10. Loop YouTube Videos:
"If you want to listen to a song or watch a video until you hate it, this is your place."

11. Video Time Machine Site:
"Select a year and it will show you a bunch of videos recorded that year, awesome website."

12. Man In The Dark 

"Creepy 'game' use your mouse to control this guy."

13. Faultline:

"Fold space to bring platforms together and bridge impossible spaces."