Saturday, July 13, 2013

How to HACK Flash Games -- And More! *DONG* (May 11 2011)

1. First Person Tetris:

"Play tetris but when you turn a piece so does your perspective."

2. Portal Tetris:

"This isn't gonna end well... or end at all."

3. Tetris Labs

"You arrange the blocks to make the level more navigable."

4. Unlocked Flash Game Levels:

"Here you can play a bunch of flash games with some "hacks" to make them easier and more fun."

5. Browser Pong:

"You play with your own browser window, check it out."

"Takes a word you give it and makes a picture of it with the word itself." *I tried it but it didn't work :(*

7. Periodic Table of Videos:

"Gives you a video with information and experiments of each element."

8. Words out of Elements:

"Takes your name and displays it as elements."

9. And Everything Started to Fall:

"You climb through your life to survive, as you survive you grow old."

10. ABC type speed:

 "How fast can you type the alphabet?"

11. Planetarium:

"Lets you pick a region of the world, click through time and it will show you where the moon or a constellation will be."

12. Anaglyph: (Not Available)
"If you own Cyan-Red 3D glasses, you can draw something here and watch it popping out of the screen."

13. Ball Chrome Experiment:

"Lets you draw lines to bounce balls that'll make a sound."

14. Choose-Your-Own weird adventure?

"Take some weird decisions in this weird game."

15. alphaland:

"This game creeped me out. 'One day, while you're testing a level for a developer friend of yours, you accidentally discover a hidden world inside the game..'"

16. Nuclear Eagle:

"Protect your baby eagles and feed them... People!"