Sunday, October 2, 2016

15 Strange Live Webcams You Can Watch NOW! (June 7 2016)

1. The Pitch Drop Experiment:

Livestream of the world's longest ever living experiment.

​2. Nautilus Live:

Streams live from the exploration vessel of the ocean floor.

3. Under Microscope:

Shows live slides from research labs.

4. Vancouver Aquarium:

You can watch live from the Vancouver Aquarium and choose from different species.

5. International Space Station:

This was already covered in: BONG #4: "Live stream of the International Space Station"

​6. Africam:

Livestreams from safari parts across the continent.

​7. Friends of Feline Rescue Center:

Friends of Feline Rescue Center has a livestream where you can see the cats that you can adopt.

​8. iPet Companion:

Take control of toys on the wall, look around and play with the cats.

9. Peeling Paint:

This is not exactly a webcam, every time you refresh the website the picture will be updated.

​10. Chernobyl:

Check out the progress of the new arch being constructed at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

11. Puppy Cam!:

The internet is not only a cat place, you can also see puppies live.

12. Junco's Pub Live Stream:

A reconstructed birdhouse to look like a pub and you can see its livestream.

13. Blanton Bottling Company:


Watch people bottling bourbon.

14. @FFD8FFDB:

This twitter account posts pictures taken from webcams with poor security he hacks into.

15. Cyriak's Large Hadron Collider Cam:

Watch the Hadron Collider experiment live.