Friday, April 15, 2016

Climb Everest From Home! (April 15 2016)

1. You Visit:

You can click and drag your way through a number of videos to feel like you're really there.

​2. 12 Hrs:

It tells you what you can do if you get to visit these places on a 12 hour trip.

3. YouTube Ride POV:

You can ride roller coasters from you own home.

4. CoasterForce's YouTube Channel!:

This YT channel has various rides for you to try.

5. AirPano:

Features stunning 360º views of beautiful places.

​6. Furthest City:

Select a place and it will find the furthest city from it.

​7. If It Were My Home:

Figure out what living in another country would be like.

​8. Snowy Escape:

Simulation of a cabin with a fire.

9. Scaling Everest (previous DONG):

As the title says, it's already been covered in: How Big is Snapchat? -- DONG (July 12 2015)

​10. Everest Avalanche Tragedy:

Takes you on a virtual experience all the way to the top of the summit of Mt. Everest.

11. 360 Cities:

Pick a country and see what panoramic views you can explore.

12. Sistine Chapel:

This is actually beautiful, you can see the Sistine Chapel with relaxing background music.

13. Fast Food Maps:

Maps the most popular fast-food joints in the USA.

14. Falling Fruit:

This one maps locations of places where you can find fruit trees or bushes, it also tells you how to pick it up, or restrictions of the location.

15. Health Map:

This website lets you know about common diseases or recent outbreaks on a certain area.

16. Map Crunch:

It will teleport you to a random spot on the world using google maps.

17. Frame Synthesis:
You can drive through the cities on Google maps.

18. Tron NYC Map:

You can see the maps of different cities with cool styles and colors.

19. Flight Radar:

The map shows every airplane flying around the world right now.

20. Meteor Impact Sites:

Marks 50 of the most obvious asteroid impacts globally.

21. TIME-lapse:

You can see how some locations have changed on a period of 30 years.

22. Geocaching:

When you register you'll be granted access to the location of different treasures near you.