Sunday, July 12, 2015

How Big is Snapchat? -- DONG (July 12 2015)

1. Bury Me With My Money:

"Apparently it's the only thing that does."

2. Cheese and Burger Society:

"A website that features 40 different recipes for cheese burgers, and each one is described by Patrick Warburton."

3. How Big is Snapchat?:

"A website that gives some statistics of the application."

4. How Well Can You Hear Audio Quality:

"You're presented with 3 versions of the same song, 2 of them are compressed and 1 is not, so you can see if you can detect the best one."

5. Crossfade:

"You mashup different clips from youtube, picking one as the video and the other as the audio to create something life-changing."

6. Magic Transistor:

"A website where you use an old transistor radio to listen to interesting music."

7. Roadtrippers:

"Choose where you are, the destination, and what kind of things you'd like to see on the way and it'll make the trip plan for you."

8. Boll:

"Pretty cool poll maker."

9. Flippin Ninja:

"A game where you control a square ninja, switching places with your mirrored image to complete the puzzle."

10. Type Drummer:

"Type whatever you want and based on the letters it'll create a tune."

11. Typo:

"Here the letters will be changed with pieces of text from historical documents."

12. Pixlr:

"Pixlr is an in-browser app that works like photoshop."

13. LOTR Project:

"It has information on all things related to Middle-Earth like maps a timeline and a family tree."

14. Zelda Live Maps:

"Lets you look at a complete map of Hyrule with moving characters and monsters."

15. The Uncle Who Worked for Nintendo:

"Awesome text-based horror game which has 6 endings, get them all."

16. Finding Home:

"Make your way through the landscape with your orb that changes it."

17. Make a Flake:

"Used digital scissors to make paper snowflakes and browse the ones created by the community."

18. Scaling Everest:

"Scroll from sea level to the summit of Mount Everest with great info on the way.

19. The Bounce:

"You play as a giraffe that jumps its way to the Moon."

20. The End of Us:

"An experimental game that was designed to evoke feelings of friendship and attachment."

21. ScribbleGrid:

"You draw whatever you want on a cell part of a greater grid, you can chat in that cell."

22. Neon Mob:

"You collect and trade different art prints, you can also trade, it's like a trading-card game but with awesome prints."

23. Mozart VS The Future:

"Jean-Pierre goes back in time to kill Mozart, prevent the french revolution, you have to kill them all."

24. Drench:

"Use the buttons to change the colors connecting them all and create a one-colored square."

25. Brick a Pic:

"Just upload a photo and the website turns into a LEGO painting, great way to plan it and do it in real life."

26. 8-bit Dash:

"An internet dashboard that usese 8-bit graphics to direct you to great gaming websites, perfect to make it your homepage."

27. Swoop:

"If you are more of a 3D graphics person, here is a game where you control a plane collecting gems using your mouse."

28. Staring Contest With Jake:

"Challenge Jake with this video by not blinking for around 2 minutes."