Friday, August 28, 2015

The Most Exclusive Website in the World? -- DONG (August 28 2015)

1. Jack the Fabric Ripper:

"You're are given a knife, you know what to do."

2. Jumping Jacks:

"You have to do a lot of jumping jacks so you can get da buffies."

3. Most Exclusive Website in the World:

"It only allows 1 person at a time every 60 seconds."


"Don't you like it when you are the first one to open a jar of Peanut Butter? Now you can do it infinite times."

5. Theory of Everything Map:

"Allows you to explore fundamental concepts in physics."

6. VOID:

"It's an interactive experience in which every chapter takes you into a different artistic dimension."

7. Gravity Simulator:

"It allows you to create planetary bodies and attempt to balance them."

8. X-Wing Trench Run Game:

"Shoot lasers to try to avoid plumming up for as long as you can while flying through the Death Star."

9. Old Maps Online:

"The website is an archive full of scans of maps from throughout history."

10. Pokepalettes:

"It breaks down every Pokémon into the individual colors that make up their pixelated body."

11. Adobe Color Wheel:

"A tool that helps you understand the relationship between different colors."

12. Wildflorwer:

"Got someone you love but you don't wanna kill any flowers? What's better than a Virtual Flower?."

13. Pulseboy:

"Create you own 8bit hit."

14. Dennis Video:

"This video is drawn in real-time by code and it's different everytime the site loads."

15. Mamono Sweeper:

"A new take on Minesweeper that plays like an RPG."

16. Avoid

"Avoid social interaction with this website that uses foursquare and instagram data to tell you which places near you have the fewest amount of people."


"A meal planner that has you selecting how many calories you want to consume."

18. Let's Play SNES:

"Play any game for the Super Nintendo on your own browser."

19. Billion Second Birthday:

"This website will tell you when your 1,000,000,000 second birthday is so you can mark it on your calendar."


"This website tells you what was the top movie on the day of your birth."

21. Will Your Job Be Done By a Machine:

"An NPR interactive article that lets you select your field of profession an it tells you what are the chances a machine takes care of your job in the next 20 years."

22. Knightmare Tower:

"You must fight your way to the top of the tower while you save all 10 princesses ."

23. Got Rhythm:

"Already Covered in: BONG 5: "Rhythm Test"."

24. Chordslayer:

"Interactive album that tells you the chords being used on each song."

25. Visualizer:

"Music visualizer that uses SoundCloud."