Sunday, January 26, 2014

WORLD'S LARGEST MAZE -- DONG (April 24 2013)

1. Video Game Name Generator:

"Out of ideas for a name?"

2. Pokemon Fusion:

"Combine any 2 pokemons to see what'd it look like."

3. Bat Farts:

"Yeah, exactly"

4. Pug Licking Your Screen:


5. Apollo 11 Recreation:

"An interactive experience with audio from the actual event."

6. MARS Gigapixel:,-0.89,43.5

"An amazing picture of Mars taken by Curiosity."

7. Largest MAZE:

"The biggest Mazes (games) in the world"

8. Eyewire:

"With this game you can help science map individual neurons of the brain."

9. Salmon of Capistrano:


10. Boobah:

"Place of fun and confusion..."

11. Egg Watchers:

"If you want to boil an egg come here."

12. Top Games List:

"List and rank your favorite games."

13. Small Things:

"A list of the smallest things on earth."

14. Back to Bed:

"You play as the protector of Sleep-Walking Bob."

15. Monoface:

"Combine body parts to create a new person, there are over 700,000 possible combinations."

16. Make Your Own Sound Effects:

"Change each setting to create one."

17. 8-bit Fruit Ninja:

"Pretty good game."

18. Scroll Into the Human Body:

"Scroll into this person to find out how cells age."

19. Google Tricks:

"Contains Google's famous interactive homepage tools."

20. BitCoin Transactions Live:

"The bigger the transaction, the bigger the bubble."

21. Live Action Toy Story:

"A guy recreated the whole Toy Story movie in real life."

22. Star Wars:

"Star Wars: A New Hope where each 15 secs is made by a different person."

23. Cleaner:

"Search for videos and watch them in a clean enviroment."

24. TasteKid:

"Type in something you like and get back a list of related things you may also like."

25. Ishkur's Guide:

"Connections of Electronic Music."

26. Every Song Ever:

"A lot of music."

27. StereoMood:

"Play songs according to how you feel."

28. Freaks and Geeks:


"How long can you remain Midfunk?"

29. Instant Dance Party:

IT DOESN'T WORK ANYMORE (But it was basically this:


30. How I Learn to Pronounce Things:

"Type a word and hover by it to hear different pronunciations."