Friday, July 12, 2013

MAKE Harry & Hermione KISS .. and other fun free games :) (February 2 2011)

1. Harry and Hermione:

"The only point of this game is to make Harry and Hermione kiss without getting caught."

2. Kill the pop-ups:

"How about avoiding pop-ups? that's all you do in this game."

3. I Don't Even Know:

"Is Hilarious, is about fun challenges, try it."

4. Alice is Dead:

"Point and click game based on Alice in Wonderland, find your way out."

5. Click Play 3:

"All you have to do is find and click the play button."

6. Missile Game:

"Here you don't shoot missiles, you ARE a missile."


"You have to make your way to the end, but the level twists, making you dizzy."

8. Draw Play:

"Draw the level yourself!"

9. Dice Wars:

"I think is kinda like Risk"

10. 3D Perspective Game:

"You have to move your mouse until you're looking from the one right angle."

11. Hide the fart:

"You have to be secret with your farts."

12. Poke the butt (?):
"A Japanese game where you poke butts and avoid poop, weird huh?"