Friday, July 12, 2013

10 BAD@SS Online Games! (January 12 2011)

1. Dress-up Elf:
- Unfortunately this website is not working anymore, it wasn't a good game, anyway.

2. Mechanical Commando:
"Top down shooter that asks 'Why would you ever let go of the trigger?'"

3. Fish like a man
 "Go fishing but not like a sissy, shoot the fish with a fu***** shotgun."

4. Zombie Tower Defense:
"Tower defense where the enemies...well... are zombies."

5. Zombie Bites
"Cute little game where you eat people to stay alive."

6. Zombie Golf Riot:
"Play golf with a zombie's head!"

7. Penguinz:
"Give penguins Uzi's and baseball bats and you get Penguinz"

8. Curious Weltling:
"In order to win you have to eat the parasites your mother vomits..."

9. Tactical Assassin Substratum:
"You'll be given specific instructions in order to kill someone with a sniper."

10. Gangsta Bean:
"Kill... I don't know, stuff, other food."

11. Kill Kar II: Revenge:
"You have to finish laps but also run over, shoot and launch missiles."