Friday, July 12, 2013

10 AMAZING Flash Games - DONG! (March 29 2011)

"You have to jump to avoid holes on the floor."

"It begins as a 2D game, but then you can use your mouse to discover other dimensions."

3. Gun Blood:

"Draw like a real cowboy!"

4. Powdergame:

"You can arrange materials to make your own explosives."

5. EON:

"All you have to do is arrange gravity wells... kind of complicated."

6. Line Rider:

"You draw a line to send a guy sliding down it."

7. Solipskier:

"Click anywhere and you'll draw a skier (?) track."

8. notpr0n:

"The hardest riddle available on the internet, as they say."

9. Tim Tang Test:

"For me this is the real hardest challenge, as of now only 114 people had pass through half of it."

10. Little Wheel:

"Basically a Point and Click game, but with sweet animations."

11. World of Text:
"You can write anything you want, and see what others write in real time."