Monday, April 24, 2017

Become an Artist! -- DONG (November 18 2016)

1. Insult Me:

Only the finest insults.

​2. Quick Draw:

This is a website where you are given something to draw for a neural network to recognize.

3. Draw Space:

8 lessons to become a better artist.

4. Unplug the TV:

Provides you alternative options to binging on tv shows and get some culture.

5. Cubes:

It allows you to change the rules of evolution, once you are done you can see how your creation evolves.

​6. Prop Store:

You can test your show and movie expertise by guessing to which of these, the props belong to.

​7. Shword:

Move around to get to the portal, but you can use portal daggers to teleport to hard-to-reach places.

​8. Entanglement:

A tactical game where the goal is to create the longest possible path across the board.

9. Cat Trap:

This has already been covered in: One of These is a Different Color! -- DONG.

​10. Bubole:

Choose your monster and then fight against other monsters street fighter style.