Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Websites To Destroy An Afternoon (December 3 2015)

1. Nulling The Void:

Animation of rocks or meteorites falling and exploding.

2. I Will Knot:

This website teaches you all about knots.

​3. Planet Families:

Here you can create your own solar system, place the planets wherever you want and watch them interact. Similar to previous DONGs.

​4. Earth Editor:

Create your own planet, you are given various materials to build it, you can even use fire.

​5. Are You A Replicant?:

A test from the Blade Runner universe to prove if you're a real human or a synthetic one.

6. Spurious Correlations:

A website that that shows graphs that show weird correlations. Suspicious.

​7. The Sea’s Strangest Square Mile:

A short documentary that shows some of the oceans most unique life forms.

8. Casanova:

A game about a happy giraffe kissing other happy giraffes.

​9. Muffin Films:

A collection of muffin based animations.

10. Ripe

Here you can find locally grown products near you.

​​11. NASA Guide To Air Filtering House Plants:

Learn which plants clean the air, each plant takes out different harmful molecules.

​12. The Last Samurai:

A flash game where throw ninja stars and grenades to finish the level.

​13. Your Game Is Too Big:

This will help you estimate how much your game will cost depending on what features you want.

14. Moonstruck:

This website lets you download game fonts for you to use.

15. Strip Generator:

Lets you create your own custom comic strips.

16. Drift:

An interactive music video that turns your mouse into an eyeball which can change the animation.

17. Yes No If:​

Each time you click it modifies the triangles.

18. Has The Large Hadron Collider Destroyed The World Yet?:

Already covered some time ago in: How Secure is Your Password? And 21 Other DONGs.

​19. Zombie Infestation Simulator:

A website that lets you simulate how long it would take for the zombies to destroy USA. It's actually pretty slow.

20. Aug(De)mented Reality 3:

A video that combines drawings with real life.