Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Webgames For Your Holiday Break! (December 22 2015)

Choose where to land the first explosion to cause the desired reaction.

2. Avoision:

Move your mouse around to avoid the DOMINO MONSTERS.

3. Cursor Chaos:

A few games in one, complete each mini-game in the required time.

4. Zyl:

You have to drop the ball at the exact time so it doesn't touch the white walls.

​5. Hyper Tunnel:

Dodge all the hurdles by pressing any key to remain up and realease it to go down.

​6. Spot The Spot:

You have to resize your browser window in order to find the dot you have to click.

7. Duke Dashington:

A platformer where you have to complete each level in 10 seconds or less by dodging the spikes and obstacles.

​8. The Rogue Puzzle Game:

Pretty cool minimalistic game in where you have to kill every monster to advance.

​9. Curvy:

Puzzle game where you have to connect all of the lines by rotating to complete.

​10. Waterfalls 3:

Use various modules to direct the flow to each object.

​11. Five Minutes:

You have to perform the real time tasks to fend off the zombie apocalypse.

​12. Uncanny Valley:

Short film about junkies dependent on virtual reality.