Wednesday, March 2, 2016

15 Websites For Learning Stuff (December 15 2015)

1. Is My Computer On?:

You need to check before you go into the next DONGs.

​2. CodeCademy:

Here you can learn about coding in HTML5, CSS, Javascript and more for free.

3. PTable:

Learn about the elements in the periodic table just by clicking on it.

4. Historia Civilis:

A YouTube channel dedicated to talking about the history and tactics of war like the Roman Army.

​5. Crowd Haiku:

Submit what words you want, and it'll generate a Haiku which you can vote on.

​6. The Obsessively Detailed Map Of American Literature's Most Epic Road Trips:

It shows the paths taken in different books so you can plan your own trip.

​7. Just Park:

A color-coded website which shows you the laws that apply for driving in different states.

​8. Solar System Visualizer:


9. World Without Us:

An infographic that chronicles what would happen on earth following the first 5 billion years after we're gone.

​10. 30 GB of 80’s/90’s Music:

Discover 30GB of underground music from the 80's and 90's.

11. Public Domain 4U:

It's dedicated to preserving and providing a home for a collective musical heritage.

12. Drawings Of Leonardo:

It lets you take a close look at the sketches of Leo, no, not DiCaprio.

​13. I Write Like:

You write any kind of text and the site will tell you the writer you write more similar to.

14. Barcode Art:

Just enter basic information about yourself and the website will create a personal barcode for you like Agent 47.

15. Foggy Shores:

A meditative game that takes place along a misty beach.