Sunday, January 31, 2016

13 FRUSTRATING Web Games (October 29 2015)

You have to complete the levels by just pressing the spacebar.

2. Super Stacker:

Stack all the different shapes and hope the structure not to fall for at least 10 seconds.

​3. Balance:​

You have to use your mouse to keep the weight balanced, as you progress the stick gets shorter.

4. Down is Up:

Work through different levels getting to the goal by reversing gravity, but plan ahead.

5. Are You Good Enough To Be A Tennis Line Judge?:​

You have to decide if the tennis ball was in or out by watching a video of the shot.

6. The Eyeballing Game:

Do you have a good eye? You have to select the correct center, finish the shape, or guess where the lines meet.

​7. Cursor 10:

You have to get to floor 16, but the spirits of your past cursors are there to help you.

8. Pointer:​

Navigate your mouse through the levels avoiding the walls and the traps.

9. Golf is Hard:

Complete the levels like a pro. Walking on the field is prohibited so if you miss, you have shoot from the start.

10. Mini Putt:

Oh, the memories, cool golf game.

11. Impasse:

Anticipate the direction of the dots and make your way through the maze to reach the checkpoint.

12. The Dodge Game:

Just dodge the red circles and get to the square.

13. Gateway:

You play as a robot that has to get from one door to another with different puzzles on the way.