Sunday, January 31, 2016

10 Websites to Boost Your Creativity (October 29 2015)

1. Move Now Think Later:

A bunch of checkers pieces moving fast.

2. Language is a Virus: ​

This website will give you ideas of what you can write about and you even can play some writing games.

​3. City Creator:

It's like building your own Habbo city.

4. Storyline Creator:

Input your characters and the actions they take to visually map the plot of your story.

​5. Dendrite:

It lets you read stories by other users or you can write your own.

6. Book Seer:

Put in the books you love, and it'll recommend similar ones you might like.

​7. Reshaping Excellence:

It lets you create an sculpture out of sound, and then add it to a larger sound monument.

8. HTML5 Drum Kit:​0101011010101010101010%7C110

It lets you create your own beat out of squares.

​9. DOT Music Player:

If you don't like squares you can use these dots to make music,  kind of pretty.

10. Morning Mood:​

Rendition of Morning Mood that you can play by just pressing random keys.

11. Keep Me Out:

A site that blocks any website of your choice by the amount of time you choose so you can be more productive.

12. Birthday Star:

Here you input your birthdate or just a year, and it'll show you stars that are at those many lightyears away so you can see the light of the time of your birth coming from a star.