Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Blocked in China -- DONG (May 31 2013)

1.Pop VS Soda:

"This interactive map shows who calls it what in USA."

2. Blocked in China:

"You can find what websites are inaccesible to the people in the Republic of China ."

3. Particle Text:

"Creates a word with a bunch of particles to play around with."

4. Things Cicadas Missed:

"See what's been going on since 1996."

5. Audio of a Cicada Being Annoying:

"Listen to the annoying sound of this insects."

6. Gizoogle:

"The search engine that gangstifies everything."

7. Nuke Map:

"Choose the target and explosive impact and look at the damage it would cause."

8. Impending Doom Clock:

"Estimated time until the humanity gets exterminated by... something."

9. GeoGuessr:

"Cool game that puts you somewhere and you have to guess where in the world you are with google maps."

10. Watch Grass Grow:

"WARNING: Only for extreme cases of Boredom."

11. Itch a Skitch:

"Online Etch-a-sketch."

12. Discovery Virtual Tour:

"360° virtual tour of Discovery's flight deck."

13. Captain Forever:

"You have to create your own spacecraft out of modules, boosters and lasers."

14. Awesome Captain Forever Ship:

"A pre-created ship from the previous game."

15. Neverending Playlist:

"Type in the artist you want to listen to and the website compiles a video playlist of their most popular songs."

16. Seaquence:

"Already covered in: "Things To Do Online #18 -- DONG!"."

17. Chordify:

"You can upload any song and find the chords you need to play it."

18. Dying Links:

"It creates a short-form url but let's you choose how long the link will exist for or how many times can be clicked." I'll put this link with a limit of 50 clicks, are you lucky?:

19. I Love You Like a Fat Lady Loves Apples:

"How romantic."

20. Fly Guy:

"A game that has you flying through the sky and interacting with different characters."

21. Ninja Game Generator:

"Well, you get it."

22. Objection! Generator:

"You know, that meme and... yeah." Here's my example:

23. Strobe Illusion:

"Start hallucinating with this thing."

24. Binary Translator:


25. Tearable Cloth:

"Simulation of a cloth that you can program yourself and then destroy it with your mouse."

26. Tornado and More:

"Ever wanted to be the one who decides who lives and who dies?"

27. Stack of Bears:

"Creepy game, hover the mouse over one to knock him and see the chain reaction it causes."

28. Prism Colors:

"Watch colors changing in this website, click randomly to create a prism and your own "masterpiece"."