Friday, July 12, 2013

WIN Videogames BY KISSING??!! And 10 More Awesome FLASH GAMES. (February 23 2011)

1. Meaty Boner:

"You are a skeleton, you throw your skull to stun, you punch, then you eat them."

2. Don't Shit Your Pants

"The title is your only goal, you play by typing."


"You have to press the Shift key to invert the world."

4. Mario Crossover:

"An exact copy of Super Mario Bros. except you can play with other NES characters."

5. Rom Check Fail (Have to download and install):

"As you play, it glitches out between classic arcade games."

6. The Sagittarian:

"Point and click game to check out if you could survive a Zombie apocalypse."


"You take real-life decisions as if you were in a low income family."

8. This Is The Only Level:

"It's a game where you play only one level.... over and over again, with small changes each time."

9. Ishkur's Guide:

"A flow chart of electronic music styles by decade and influence."

10. MapOfMetal

"Here you can browse... a map of metal."