Friday, July 12, 2013

16 CLEVER Flash Games! (March 10 2011)

1. Home Sheep Home:
"You're a sheep making your way to the barn."

2. RecordTripping:

"Mini-games making you feel like a DJ using your scroll-wheel."

3. Famous Movie Objects: http://famousobjectsfromclassicmovies...

"Guess the movie hangman style."

4. Kaleidoscope:

"Create your own kaleidoscopic image."

5. Touch The Bubbles:

"Slash the bubbles while avoiding the red stuff."


"Dodge the poop monster attacks and pee on him!"

7. Spewer:

"Vomit your way out."

8. Chaoz Escape:

"Avoid the red attacks that are synced to some techno music."

9. Music Catch 2:

"Catch the notes while listening to relaxing music."

10. (Music Catch 1:)

"The same, but the first one."

11. Office Worker Suicide:

"The objective is to kill yourself."

12. Excit!:

"It seems like an Excel spreadsheet but it's actually a puzzle game."

13. Interlocked:

"Puzzle game where you need to pull apart the pieces."

14. Tree Rings:

"You choose how to make your tree grow in order to collect all the rings."

15. sugar, sugar:

"Make paths with your mouse so the sugar falls into the cups."

16. grain strain

"Similar to 'sugar, sugar' but with mechanical items."

17. Pacxon:

"Enclose those damn ghosts!"

18. You Have To Burn The Rope:

"Awesome game with the BEST ENDING EVER!"