Thursday, March 31, 2016

Play With Strangers Online! (March 17 2016)

1. Idea Deathmatch:

Determine what's better worldwide by voting between 2 things, similar to:

​2. Nearby Instagram/Flickr:

Find Instagram pictures that were taken near you.

3. Lone Comment:

Use the front page to display anything you want, but you have to pay at least 10 cents more than the previous one, only one can be displayed.

4. Riddlewot:

If you answer the riddle correctly you are able to post the new riddle.

5. Quibbler:

An anonymous chatroom where your comment fades away after a short time.

​6. Quick Rant:

See other Rants and post your own.

​7. Random Act of Cards:

A reddit thread where you can send and receive postcards from and to strangers.

​8. Reddit Gifts:

Secret santa-like exchange with anonymous friends, you get paired with a stranger and you send something and receive something.

9. Is it Normal?:

A website where you can describe a situation and ask people if that's normal, you'll get statistics based on what you asked.

​10. Communal Pixel Art:

Giant Canvas where you paint with pixels.

11. Anondraw:

A great website for artists, you can see anything that has been drawn by someone else or you can paint your own masterpiece.

12. Find Playdate:

Where nameless players are posting what games they want to play with someone, you can filter by platform, language and timezone.

13. Curve Fever:

Interactive game where you make lines, kind of like the SNAKE game but with multiple players.

14. Manyland:

You can build an infinite landscape and interact with other users.

15. Typeracer:

A fun typing game where you compete against other nameless drivers, the one who finishes first wins, also it'll give you your WPM.

16. Transformice:

A co-op game where you are a mouse and you have to get cheese and return to your mouse-hole.

17. Starbreak:
A side-scrolling-space-shooting-adventure game alongside other people with bombs and many weapons to pick up.

18. Mienfield:

A multiplayer minesweeper board.

19. Quadradius:

It's checkers meets chess, players will take turns making a move and collecting abilities.

20. Multiplayer Puzzle:

Solve the puzzle with a little help from your friends.