Friday, February 26, 2016

Websites to Fight the Workday (November 10 2015)

1. Celery Man Simulator:

Paul Rudd right on your screen, what else can you ask for?

​2. Bureau of Communications: Formal Apology:

Templates for formal notices in case you're out of words.

3. Blue Rose Offline Reader:

This site lets you save articles so you can read them whenever, even if you don't have internet.

4. Gnoosic:

Give it bands you like and it'll feed you others you might like.

5. Fluky:

Not sure what to do? Just spin the wheel!

6. The Thoughts Room:

Listen to soothing music while you type your frustrations away.

​7. Instant Boss:

Like a boss...

8. Conference Call Bingo:

Once on a call, click on the squares as they become relevant and see if you win.

9. Smacky:

The story of my life, an angry squirrel is tired of being bothered by everyone around him. Beat them up!

10. Wild Mood Swings:

It will take you to a website based on your mood.

11. Hours Of:

Hungry? Need to buy something? Check for businesses that are still open near you.

​12. Coffitivity:

Recreates the sounds of coffee shops to help your productivity.

13. Prescription Maker:

Not feeling like going to work? It allows you to create a prescription about anything.

​14. Wire Cutters:

Short Film about mining robots on Mars.