Saturday, December 21, 2013

CYBER ATTACK MAP And 17 Other DONGs (October 12 2012)

1. Random Ideas:

"In case you find yourself bored in the real world gives you ideas of what you can do."

2. Traffic Light Game:

"You control traffic lights, you let through certain number of cars, avoid collisions."

3. Watch CyberAtacks Around The World In Real-Time:

"The red dots represent attacks and the yellow dots are censors."

4. Make Everything Okay:

"Is something wrong? Make everything ok now."

5. Glooples:

"You have to kill different glooples before they kill you, your weapon is a large sword, like Cloud's."

6. Music Maker:

"AWESOME! you make music with random strangers, select your sound and sync with others."

7. You Rather:

"Who hasn't played this game?."

8. Interactive Wikipedia Map of the World:

"You can click anywhere in the map and you'll be directed to its wikipedia article."

9. Clock:

"Cool clock design."

10. Time Is:

"You can see how accurate is your clock right now."

11. Soundcloud Comment Visualization:

"Turns the Soundcloud comments into a cool visualization."

12. Deformations:

"The deformity follows your mouse."

13. Ball Droppings:

"Got balls? Make music with them."

14. Ragdoll:

"Throw him around before it gets cool in half by falling spikes."

15. Instant Origami:

"Funny way to make Origami."

16. Escape:

"You have to escape death from lasers and electricity by jumping on walls."

17. Slogan Maker:

"Need ideas for a slogan?"